Iml Plastx, Design thinking every step of the way

Packaging design, research and development

The IML PLASTX and Europlastiques design teams have joined forces to design even better products, using CAD/CAM, 2D and 3D software. IML PLASTX benefits from Europlastiques’ FabLab and innovation centre to design prototypes.

Our products are eco-designed: our designers use Moldflow and Mechanicals software to measure the right thickness and weight of packaging to fit your process.

The group is also carrying out R&D work in relation to raw materials, dyes, biomaterials, recycling capacities (reduced weight and thickness, mono-materials), and labelling (“green certified” vegetable-based inks).

Technological leadership

IML PLASTX is investing to be at the cutting edge of injection and in-mould technologies. Together with Europlastiques we own one of the most innovative production sites. We have a fully computerised production tracking system, test laboratory, video trackers… in fact, all our production lines are fully automated and we are currently testing cobots and automated guided vehicles. Our aim is to offer you the best responsiveness and most efficient product to fit your process. Our efficiency will benefit yours !

Environmental commitment

We are working to leave our footprint only on our moulds. We produce our packaging with great care for the environment.
In our product :  All of our containers are reusable and recyclable. We make them easier to recycle by indicating the composition on our containers.
In our way to produce : We are working to decrease the thickness and weight of our containers and optimize our consumption of energie and ressources on our site. We optimize storage and handling operations to reduce the environmental impact of transportation

Europlastiques Group

The Europlastiques Group is a French plastic food container supplier working with the leading food-processing companies in the world seeking high-value and high-quality injected plastic containers. We can count on their design and industrial expertise. Innovation has become their trademark. Europlastiques is deeply concerned about environmental responsibility and sustainable development.