Design is the key

Making your product look good at first sight: this is our motto. Great shape, great look and best service to stand out on every shelf. As a new supplier we want to make a difference by asserting your identity and increasing your visibility.


Innovation is in our blood

To be different, you have to think different, out of the container so to speak! New shapes, new functions… starting with your customers’ needs and your requirements. Design thinking and open innovation every step of the way!


Safety first

We are working hard to ensure the quality of our products and anticipate developments in food safety standards and regulations. We use mostly polypropylene and all our materials are of course certified safe for use with food and are compliant with current regulations. Our products are also BPA-free. All our containers are 100% recyclable, safe for industrial ovens and microwaves, freeze-resistant, sealable and hermetic.
We apply a strict safety and HACCP policy with rigorous traceability tools and procedures.